Angular Conference Jan 25, 2022 (Warsaw & Online)
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Alex Rickabaugh

Alex Rickabaugh

Engineering Scalable Angular Components

Components come in all shapes and sizes, and some are just bigger than others. From fully featured data tables to complex form controls, components that bake in lots of features and capabilities can be very useful - but also very difficult to build and maintain, especially when it comes to performance. In this talk, we'll go over some strategies, tips, and tricks for engineering large and featureful Angular components in ways that keep bundle sizes down and the maintenance cost under control.

Angular team, Google | USA

Alex Rickabaugh is a software engineer at Google, and for the last years has been a core member of the Angular team. Throughout his time on Angular, Alex has worked on the Service Worker implementation for Progressive Web Apps, server-side rendering support, and a rewrite of the HTTP API. Currently, he works on the Angular Compiler, getting it ready for the next generation architecture, Angular Ivy.

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