Angular Conference Jan 25, 2022 (Warsaw & Online)
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Gerard Sans

Gerard Sans


Developer Evangelist for Web and Cloud | UK

He is a serial conference speaker with over 150 talks in 37 countries, 60 technical trainings using Angular, Vue and React. He is a big fan of GraphQL and runs GraphQL London/San Francisco groups."


Fullstack GraphQL using Angular v12 Master Class

In this workshop we will create a Fullstack GraphQL app starting from the Server and building our way up to the client! We will cover everything you need to successfully adopt GraphQL across your stack from client to backend including tooling and best practices.
You will learn how to build and design a GraphQL Server starting by defining the GraphQL Schema using types and relations. Moving to the client side, we will create a simple client to demonstrate common usage. As we implement the different features we will introduce GraphQL query syntax including queries, mutations, alias, fragments and directives. At this point we will review how client and server communicate, what tooling is available to track usage and improve performance and how to add authorisation and authentication. Finally we will focus on designing real-time features and sharing best practices to improve performance and leverage scalability.

Topics we will cover:
- GraphQL Introduction
- Building a GraphQL Server
- Designing a GraphQL Schema
- Building a GraphQL Client using queries and mutations
- Common practices: error handling and pagination
- Adding authentication and authorisation
- Adding real-time with subscriptions

- Comfortable using Angular and JavaScript
- Basic knowldege of Node
- HTML and CSS

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