Angular Conference Jan 25, 2022 (Warsaw & Online)
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Greg Radzio

Greg Radzio

Event Driven Architecture in Angular

Have you ever suffered from coupling between your modules? If so, then this lesson is for you! I will show you how bad Angular application can be turned around into highly maintainable de-coupled and scalable architecture by using a single clever trick. I will explain how to use Events in order to send data between your modules and gain a lot of benefits. The Event Driven Architecture is one of the most essential tools in your Senior Engineer skillset. Once you apply it, you can say good bye to overtime work refactoring of unmaintainable code.

Chief Technology Officer, Cobiro | Poland

I have been coding for 14+ years and always looking to improve the code. Currently I am CTO at Cobiro where I coach developers how to engineer solutions in 2021 by using Continuous Delivery, TDD/ATDD, Domain Driven Design, Agile and enterprise level design and architectural patterns.

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