Angular Conference Jan 25, 2022 (Warsaw & Online)
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Nir Kaufman

Nir Kaufman

Kiss My App!

Let's learn how to apply the KISS principles in practice! why? Because it's easier to add complexity, but really hard to simplify a complex application once implemented.
Angular got a lot to offer - it doesn't mean that we need all of it for every system! In this talk - there are no "bad practices". open your mind (and laptop) and let's rock!

Front-end Guild Lead | Next Insurance | Israel

In a long-time relationship with angular (since 2010) as a developer, author, consultant, and trainer. Google developer expert in Angular, Vegan (but nice), electronic music producer, and sound designer at night.


Advanced Angular: DOM Manipulation in-depth Master Class

The majority of our work as front-end developers is to implement dynamic user interfaces. In this workshop, we will master the API, patterns, techniques, and best practices for building a robust view layer with Angulars. By the end of this day, you will gain deep knowledge and practical experience that will boost your productivity.
This is a hands-on workshop. Each theoretical module is followed by exercise. Some of the topics that we will cover:
- Angular Ivy compiler
- Logic view and Render trees in Angular
- Content projection
- Templating in-depth: micro-syntax, patterns, and techniques
- Working with the Renderer
- Dynamic content rendering techniques
- DOM Manipulation techniques
- Directives API in depth


Advanced JavaScript Design Patterns and Data Structures for UI Engineers Master Class

In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage object-oriented principles and functional programming design patterns in JavaScript. You will learn how to build modular, maintainable single-page applications. By the end of this session, you will understand the core principles beyond popular libraries (such as NGRX, RxJS, and more.), and how to leverage TypeScript for clean code.
This is a hands-on workshop. Each theoretical module is followed by exercise. We will use nothing but TypeScript (no external libraries or frameworks) and focus on practical software engineering. Some of the topics that we will cover:

- How classic design patterns can help us build modern JavaScript applications
- JavaScript built-in data structures in depth
- How to implement and leverage popular data structures in practice
- How to think, design, and implement clean code using OO principles.

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