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Alex Okrushko

Angular Signals are here. Is NgRx now obsolete?

One of the main purposes for NgRx and ComponentStore is to be a reactive container of state. With Signals being introduced into Angular, does it make NgRx obsolete?
In this talk we’ll go over how Signals and NgRx complement each other and how the responsibilities of NgRx shift. We'll review some of the use cases and how overall architecture can be adapted.

Alex Okrushko - Principal UI Architect, Cisco | Canada

Alex is a Principal Architect at Cisco CX - Customer Experience. He is part of the NgRx team, GDE in Angular, @AngularToronto organizer and co-organizer of the official Angular Discord. In his free time, he loves to learn & share the knowledge, provides NgRx workshops and helps with - the TypeScript style guide.


Scalable and Maintainable Apps With NgRx and Signals – Setting Up Enterprise Architecture - Master Class (stationary & online) by Alex Okrushko

Are you struggling to maintain and enhance your existing Angular applications? Do you want to harness the power of NgRx for state management and explore the cutting-edge Signals feature in Angular? Join us for a transformative workshop that will empower you to architect and modernize your apps with confidence!

Workshop Overview:

In the ever-evolving world of web development, staying ahead is crucial. This workshop is designed for developers, architects, and teams who want to revamp their existing Angular applications and leverage the latest advancements in the Angular ecosystem, including Signals.

Key Workshop Highlights:

1) Architectural Excellence: Learn the art of crafting scalable, maintainable, and robust Angular applications. We'll delve deep into architectural patterns, best practices, and tools to structure your apps for success.

2) NgRx for State Management: Gain a comprehensive understanding of NgRx, the go-to library for managing state in Angular apps. We'll explore actions, reducers, effects, and selectors to create a robust state management system and how it influences apps architecture.

Introduction to Signals: Signals or NgRx? They work well together. Dive into one of Angular's most exciting features – Signals. Discover how Signals can streamline communication within your application, making it more responsive, efficient, and user-friendly.

Migration Strategies: If you have an existing Angular application, we'll guide you through effective strategies for migrating to the latest version of Angular while improving your app's architecture.

Who Should Attend:

- Angular Developers
- Software Architects
- Tech Leads
- Teams working on Angular projects


Participants should have a basic understanding of Angular and TypeScript fundamentals. Experience with NgRx, Nx and Signals is not required but would be beneficial.

Alex Okrushko in action

Alex Okrushko in action

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